Introducing Narrative Play – The Greatest Game Episode 4 (Feat. Jono Pech)

In the return of The Greatest Game, Chase talks with published author Jono Pech about narrative structure and how story telling can be understood as a playful activity. The duo talk specifically about games such as Journey, Celeste, The Last of Us, and Inside. They seek to apply the criteria for good play outlined in previous episodes to deterministic media such as books, movies, and comics.

Hosted by Sony San Diego’s Chase Williams & NASA’s Max Kelleher, The Greatest Game is an OK Beast podcast mini-series dedicated to the discussion of philosophy, aesthetics, and art theory – through the lens of video games.

Originally published on OK Beast

By Chase Williams

A Product Management professional in the field of videogames, formerly of PlayStation, currently at InnoGames. Devoted student to Aesthetic Philosophy and the definition of artworks. Seeks to bring an honest and robust critical analysis to videogames.

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